Three and a half enduro days, in to the most beautiful landscapes of Murcia and Almeria regions.
First day.- Will be a making contact with the beautiful mountains of Purias.
To go down towards the sea to Aguilas-City in to beautiful and winding single-trails.
Where we will stay at the luxury Hotel Spa Don Juan.
Second day.-, We start the route through the technical Spanish Enduro Championship track, in a beautiful and narrow canyons. To go up in to the mountain range of "the wolves", with a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea and the terreros island.
Until you reach the incredible White City nailed on top and inside themountain. We stay very close to the beach in a charming Hotel.
Third day.- We will depart early in side one beautiful and steep single trail up to the top of Sierra Cabrera´s Mountains from
0 to 1000 meters in only 16 km. A vertiginous descent will take us up to carboneras tunnel with a beautiful beach of Cabo de Gata natural park exit and the subsequent ascent to Rambla-Honda a grueling dry river plagued with curves and technical steps of rock. Ending on a section of the Dakar Rally coming to Almería City. Where to spend the night in the vicinity of the cabo de Gata natural park beaches.
Tourth day.-Return to Lorca in a within beautiful canyons and mountains to somehow Puerto Lumbreras headquarters of the Enduro World Championship (only 10 kilometers from Lorca) our destination, where you can taste some very cold beers and enjoy a well-deserved rest in the pool and spa.